D+TM #23 #24 Pussykrew

D+TM #23 #24 Pussykrew

What: 3D with Pussykrew
When: Monday 16th of February, 12-6pm
Where: Parsons Paris room 500
Who: Pussykrew

3D with Pussykrew
The workshop will include an artist talk as well as presentation of artist’s 3D printed sculptural works and details of the process of making. Artists will share their experience of using 3D printing for creative purposes and pushing it to its limits. Students will receive an introduction to the latest 3D printing technologies in rapid prototyping as well sources of free software and models for 3D printing.

The practical part will include 3D modeling session, designing and modifying, preparing objects for the print and 3D scanning – students will have opportunity to use Scanify – a high quality 3D scanning device. The workshop will also include live printing session. Students will be able to try out the Ultimaker2 printer and print their own designs.

Aleksandrowicz and Wojtas will provide a wide range of 3D printing knowledge and practical tips on how to turn ideas into objects. The workshop formula is constructed in a very accessible way, no prior experience to 3D printing is required.

Ewelina Aleksandrowicz (Tikul) and Andrzej Wojtas (mis gogo), also known collectively as Pussykrew, are collaboratively working within the area of new media. Their interdisciplinary practices range from multimedia installations, 3D generated landscapes, video short forms and audio-visual performance – to DIY electronics, object design and 3D printing.

Aleksandrowicz and Wojtas both completed Digital Media Masters Degree at Culture Lab – Newcastle University – UK. Their works have been presented internationally, across US, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Finland, France, Spain, China and Poland (i.a. Saatchi Gallery London, Carrousel du Louvre, Espace Pierre Cardin Paris, European Media Festival) and featured in number of art & technology publications, such as Creators Project, Rhizome, 3Ders.

They are constantly trying to challenge the viewer, through an exploration of post-human identity, bodily queerness, urban landscapes and their transformations, multisensorial practices. By dealing with the issues of materiality, they’re creating new synthetic-organic forms that are constantly in the process of mutation.

They have developed a series of sculptures, using 3D printing technology. As a natural consequence of their artistic work with 3D imagery, they’ve been attempting to transform digital / rendered aesthetics into physical objects and blur the borders between ‘virtual’ and ‘material’.

They’ve been recently awarded with Artist of the Year Award at the 3D Print Show, London.


Workshop Resources
All students participating in the workshop must download the following programs and/or create an account prior to workshop session.

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Additional Resources



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