D+TM #26 Geraldine Juarez

D+TM #26 Geraldine Juarez

What: World Wide Wealth
When: Monday 9th of March, 12-3pm
Where: Parsons Paris room 500
Who: Geraldine Juarez

World Wide Wealth

A presentation about Geraldine works and practice, followed by a workshop about currency in the context of media and technology.

Geraldine Juárez is mexican visual artist whose work reflect on the social and economic relations mediated by contemporary networked culture.

She has been fellow at Eyebeam’s Moving Image Studio (2002-03) and their Production Lab (2006-2008), member of F.A.T Lab and one of the recipients of the Maker Muse Award from Kindle Foundation in 2010. Her work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums such as Science Friction and Fabrikken (DK), Allingsås Konsthall and Liljevachs (SE), Museum of Contemporary Art of Vovjina (RS), Barbican, Furtherfield and Nothern Gallery of Contemporary Art (UK), MU (NL), Pan Pallazo Art Napoli (IT), Centre for Canadian Architecture (CA), Eyebeam, (USA) – and media festivals such as Transmediale, TransitioMX, Futuresonic, Run Computer Run, Pixelache and Click.

Geraldine Juarez

Geraldine lives and work in Gothenburg, Sweden.