Students show: SPECTRUM

Students show: SPECTRUM

Spectrum is 6 different collaborative works developed during the Documentary Strategies class at Parsons Paris. Each group has spent a combined six weeks developing an idea, executing, and producing a final product may it take the form of a book or a film.

#1 Solution Threat
Solution Threat focuses on the backlash of the ever growing Islamophobia in France. By juxtaposing the threat (being a Muslim) and the solution(the police or security officer); it captures the stereotypes both groups face from the media and reality.

An exploration of different moods found in the Parisian night life explored by different points of view, at different times, and from different people.

#3 La Place
La place: One café. One chair. We developed this project with a clear beginning: pick a café, pick a chair in the café, go to café everyday, take a photo of the person sitting in the chair we chose. The chair, nudged in a corner outside the cafe, seated a range of people that we were ultimately able to photograph and interview.

#4 NO GO
During the weeks following the Charlie Hebedo incident in Paris, Fox News initiated a series of ongoing reports concerning the so called no-go zones. As a response to the general lack of credible sources and coverage, this publication aims to portray one area of a Parisian no-go zone located in the neighborhood of Belleville.

#5 Fernweh
A desire to travel, a longing for far-off places.
Being homesick for a place you have never been to.

#6 The Human Form
We wanted to address the negative stigma associated with sexting and compare that to the love and appreciation for classical nudes in art. Thus, we decided to draw direct comparisons and overlays of the figures in High/Classical artworks to Snapchat screenshotted sexts – the only difference being consent and willingness of the person depicted. We asked our subjects to send us sexts we could screenshot, giving the subject full control on what would and would not be seen by the viewer.

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Spectrum will be on display in the Parsons Paris Gallery until April 21st. The gallery is open M-F noon to 6:00 p.m.


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