It’s almost the end of this second semester in my first-year class. The studio class and seminar class that I took, I learned a lot of skill and knowledge during the class. In the studio class, we design and create our artifact or project by using our own hand. However, in the seminar class, we brainstorm the idea of an artifact that related to the studio class and researches more background source that related to the artifact or project. For example, we making multiple mapping diagrams and read about a few articles about the topic that we discover in the studio class. Overall, for both class, I think I’m good on yet. One thing that I will change for the class, is to plan out the time ahead and be brave and comfortable in ask some of the questions that related to the course such as assignment during the week. In this semester, I have a great chance to meet my professor and they give me a lot of advice for me to explore my idea or thought around this year.

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