Bridge 1: Building a Loom and Weaving a Poem

This project challenging for me since I didn’t have any experience of using the loom. In the first, I’m confused about how to connect the yarn into the loom. I remember when the professor doing the demo, she ties the yarn to a string on the loom. However, I’m not know how to continue the pattern, because the beginning of the yarn was being tied. I try a different way to make the yarn work. The last method that I use is to cut the yarn into half and tie it to a string on the loom. The loom needs to have a pattern such as back and front which makes the yarn be tied on the loom.

The material that I decide to use on my project is paper and yarn. The poem that I made in the seminar class is an idea about freedom of speech. In the poem, I use some physical things such as a book, tree, mountain, snow, water, paper, rifle, plane, and bomb. The final decision of this project is use paper,  because of the paper maintain words which symbol as information about the truth and right for the speech. In addition, I use yarn to point out the detail of the whole paper, it similar to a magnifier.


Word to Word

A beautiful thing, a terrible thing.


Read a book; and write, write;

Who is questioning the truth, truth.


Escarpment, environment, erosion,

The tree is burning,

The mountain is falling,

Who knows it happens.


Snow composed of words,

Ice composed of papers,

Paper, paper, paper

Hide the truth behind.


High commander, Big Brother,

A demeanor, and formidable man,

Kid clamor with honor on it.

Big Brother, Big Brother;

War is peace,

Freedom is slavery,

Ignorance is strength;

We have utopia life!


Rifle, plane, bomb;

Victims, soldiers;

Morning September 11.

Big Brother creating a song of Peace,

On the first half of twenty century.


Stand up,

Big Brother reproaches you.

Keep secret,

Life will be in peace.



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