Bridge 2

Aggregation 17-SE078,2017, Kwang Young Chun

This artwork gives me inspiration for my bridge 2 project and research question of this semester. For example, the pieces wrapped in paper are basic units of information, as well as a symbol in an individual social event or historical facts. By attaching these pieces one by one to a two-dimensional surface. The artwork expresses the information in a sense of harmony and conflict. My idea of bridge 2 and research question are How does language deceive us? The information on the paper similar as give a speech reveal the truth to people, it can be a historical or social event that happens right now. This show how the truth that creates in different method about the world or society.

Idea:  In order to relate to my artwork that I choose at the Brooklyn Museum, the artist uses paper to wrapped into multiple geometric shapes and each paper has some of the information that relates to historical facts (newspaper). Therefore, I use newspaper, block, and an unusable white t-shirt to design my second bridge project to informal to my research question in this semester. I cut the block to multiple geometric shapes and wrapped with newspaper and print out some of the historical images to transfer the image to the T-shirt. This lets the audience to deeply think about the theme of truth.

1st sketch of 2nd Bridge

2nd sketch of 2nd Bridge

3rd Sketch of 2nd bridge (Final)


Starting cut the block and wrapped newspaper on it.

Attach the final block (newspaper) on the T-shirt.

I test three different way to transfer the image to the fabric. First, rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball, can’t work. Second, iron the image on the fabric, can’t work. Lastly, use mod podge glue on the image and attach to fabric, work! however, this needs to try 24 hours. I use hair dryer let this dry fast, then I use a sponge with water to wrapped on the image and remove the paper on the T-shirt. In case it will remove off, I brush mod podge one more time.

Almost done! It looks so formal and different have any emotion relate to some research that I have done in Seminar class. So I go back to see any note that I made in the Seminar class. I found out that the truth mostly influences to the poor due to the poor didn’t have any education and they like to listen to what other’s said.


Cut down some of the pieces on the T-shirt make it more related to the poor.

More image ( detail of image):

Why I didn’t take an image on a clean background rather than outside? The idea of my project is to expose reality and how people live in daily, it reflects on the truth that they see and hear from others. Moreover, the image color that I want to use is black and white because any historical images are black and white color, it represents the time period in society. The text also is black and white referring to the story that they hear and see.

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