Materiality Ass. Principle of model

Model 1 iteration

Woolen yarn build up the skin of the model, which holds by the 3 wood stick by different direction(angel). The difference of length wood stick will determine the density of the skin by stretch out and creates the shade in interior space.

Variable: Changing the scale of the hole (1/2, 3/4, 1in) and the size of the yarns.


Variable: changing the height of string (bottom, middle, and high) different angles (45, 90,125)



Reflection of semester

Throughout the semester in object as history class, I learned many of historical artifacts and how is artifacts influences the new design in twenty-one centuries. The most interesting to me is the arch through out from Ancient Rome to Gothic. Arch is the joint namea kind of excellent vertical load-bearing structure, which developed in the hands of ancient Rome with concrete technology, created the unique architectural form of ancient Rome, and deeply influenced the whole Europe, even the whole world. Arch structure is mainly divided into barrel vault and groin vault: the cross arch can be regarded as a combination of two crossed arches, and its main advantage is that it can spread the force equally among the four pillars.The four floors of the Colosseum are supported by arched structures. The pantheon has a facade similar to that of ancient Greek architecture (both beam-column structures)but the interior is a classic arch (such as the great dome and the domes below). Furthermore, people understand how the arch was be create and artists were design the arch more creative such as Gothic style arch. Gothic style of architecture has always been committed to the top arch structure, prompting them to develop its arch, the pointed arch is different from the Roman circular dome or circular arch door there is a heart stone arch (Keystone), because of the structure, the pointed arch is the pillar stress will be open to both sides, so you need to in the middle of the pillar with a brace against a pillar. This arch which can influence me to my future design such as how the exterior of window in my project and creates a moment that relate to the history artifacts.


example of Gothic style arch

Week 12

AECOM’s design team has proven that architects can not only achieve technical and futuristic design, but also use this design to help humans overcome extreme environments, such as building a mobile “Harry VI” research station in the Antarctic .”Harry VI” can be to show the most challenging and technically complex project built in the history of architecture. It is located on the 150-meter-thick ice shelf at the southernmost end of the Antarctic. Every year, the ice shelf moves 400 meters towards the sea, below zero At 56 degrees Celsius, the snowfall is as high as one meter per year. Therefore, the construction team’s staff can only choose the relatively warm summer for the construction of Harry VI. Even with the help of various modern construction machines. However, in such a harsh environment, there has never been a construction accident. AECOM mainly cooperated with the British Antarctic Research Council (BAS) and Hugh Broughton Architects on the “Harry VI” project. Sustainable conceptual design in delivery, construction, operation, and transportation. Technical challenges in these areas include how to deal with material transportation in extremely cold environments, snow removal, building group movement, and economical energy savings. Harry VI is a design integrating living and working space. From the perspective of its combined plan, the Harry VI building complex consists of 8 modules that can be assembled and transported at will. From north to south, it is divided into two sections: two sleeping compartments, a command cabin, core living units, An energy warehouse connected by an outdoor bridge and two scientific research warehouses at the end. In the future, our generation will use technology and I feel very passionate about this project due to the project was located in the extreme cold conditions.

Beyond the Spectacle-

How is economic and culture influence the late 19s?

What are the changes in the late 19s?


What is Dubailand represent?

How is Dubai influence another country?

Nancy Levinson-

“What was more to the point was the packed house, the mass of us who swelled and sweated up the room and whose collective presence confirmed that the architect was indeed very famous.” What is this sentence means to you?

What is “Fame”?