5 element of research question

Title: Does language deceive us

This research question is the language is unreal by the view that you physical see or heard. This expose the truth of language in the reality and let people to understand other side that behind the physical truth. It can be an poem, an artwork, an speech or an novel. The language mostly shows on doublespeak and propaganda which influences from government. The doublespeak can be a novel that write by George Orwell 1984. The propaganda can be a artwork from Chinese poster that relate to the chairman of Mao. Other example to illustrate the artwork that people physical see is one of artwork from Picasso.

 Doublespeak ( https://nuclear-news.net/information/peace-and-nuclear-disarmament-theme-for-december-2011/towards-a-peaceful-non-nuclear-world/doublespeak/)

 (Novel 1984 by George Orwell)

 (Vast World of Accomplishments, 1967, People’s Fine Arts Publishing House) Propaganda posters of Mao Zedong can be traced back to the 1940s, but the god-like images of him produced in the 1960s are unparalleled.

 ( Ma Jolie, Pablo Picasso, winter 1911-12, Moma Museum)






Brooklyn Museum mini task

Aggregation 17-SE078,2017, Kwang Young Chun

This artwork gives me inspiration for my bridge 2 project and research question of this semester. For example, the pieces wrapped in paper are basic units of information, as well as a symbol in an individual social event or historical facts. By attaching these pieces one by one to a two-dimensional surface. The artwork expresses the information in a sense of harmony and conflict. My idea of bridge 2 and research question are how does speech reveal the truth to people? The information on the paper similar as give a speech reveal the truth to people, it can be a historical or social event that happens right now. This show how the truth that creates in different method about the world or society.