Time | Composition: Project 1b

For project 1b, titled “Time Map: Transformations of Time”, we were told to create a composition documenting visual and textual representations of the passage of time, in a limited amount of time, by using writing, photography, drawing and collage. I walked from the University Centre to 67th Street and 1st Ave to visit some friends. At the beginning of the walk I had set no guide lines or rules, in order to allow myself to make it up on the way. I walked 8 blocks up 5th Ave until I found a coin on the floor. This was my first part to the project. After quickly tracing the first coin, I decided to walk right onto Madison Ave, and again, 8 blocks up. A pattern was created and I made my way to my final destination by walking 8 blocks up, and one avenue to the right. Along the way, more coins were found and traced next to the original one. I thought that this was a significant observation for my project as the first coin decided how I would get to where I was going.

With some stops on the way, I kept the name tags from Starbucks drinks I ordered at the beginning of the walk versus the end of the walk. These can be seen on the piece with the beginning one being in the first row and the end one being in the third row. Another addition to this project was a photo a friend sent me while I was on this walk. The photo was taken on Brooklyn Bridge of a sign saying “YES LOVE❤️NO LOCKS FINE $1OO”. I thought this was interesting to add to my work because in today’s society, it is seen normal for one to attend to their phone when they are walking. Even though I restricted myself from using my phone due to my surroundings, receiving this image reminded me of this fact, but it also interested me because while I was taking photographs of my own observations, she was taking photographs of hers.

The whole form of the piece is inspired by the ‘grid like’ structure of New York City. The photo of the trash consuming two blocks was done deliberately to emphasise how noticeable it was to me, especially coming from a place that did not have similar habits.




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