Int Studio 1 | Shift: Object Collage

At the age of 9, my mother gifted me a bowling pin keyring, as this was the first time I ever visited a bowling alley, and a small part of me felt sad for the bowling pins waiting to be knocked down. Leaving it behind at home instead of bringing it with me to New York only made me realise that this ‘lucky keyring’ never lost its value. It was frightening at first, but a few days later I was opening up my own bank account, something I had never done alone before, hence, this project is based on a pamphlet given to me by the bank. The colour’s are significant because they start monotoned, and as the GIF progresses, more colours are introduced. This is to emphasise the time of new beginnings and explorations for myself to grow. I also decided to create a GIF to show the gradual progression of my own experience, moving to a city I was completely unfamiliar with.

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