Int Studio 1 | Shift : Self Portrait

Inspired by “Panel With Mythological Figures” in the style of Jean Démosthène Dugourc manufactured Camille Pernon, I decided to create my own interpretation of a self portrait. The colour scheme is highly significant when comparing the two works, and there is a slight similarity in the technique. After visually seeing the woven silk, I was inspired to create a contrasting piece, but with many resemblances. I chose the structure of my portrait to have many compartments because, when looking closer at the “Panel with Mythological Figures”, there are many compartments that add up to the final panel. Using tweed I created my own interpretation of weaving, with the whole idea and nature of my final piece. Some patterns and designs from the panel were incorporated into my final piece, along with the simplicity of a line drawing to emphasise the precision of the panel.

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