Dream Product – JuJu

For my dream product, I decided to create a potion inspired by the current situation in Zimbabwe, JuJu. The meaning of JuJu is a spiritual belief system incorporating objects, such as amulets, and spells, as part of witchcraft. The essential scent I tried to achieve was to bottle the fragrance petrichor. My interpretation was using clary sage and pine oil as the top notes, carrot seed oil and jasmine petals as the middle notes, and tea tree oil and oak moss as the base notes. Because I was inspired by the historical background of where I grew up, I thought it was best to create a potion with a story. With the meaning of the word JuJu and my own interpretation of JuJu,  the most reasonable and significant approach to the scent would be to make it as natural, earthy, and similar to Zimbabwe as possible, especially considering the witchcraft approach to it. The same way that pheromones work, when this potion is applied, or smelt, there will be a similar reaction. Also known as a mood changing potion. For example, if a JuJu kindness potion is applied or drunk, a human being will automatically become kind, hence, making their environment a better place.


One thing I found most challenging was creating a set design that explained the exact purpose of my potion. The first completed works for this project were the logo, the box, the advert, and the concept. It took longer than I expected to think of a set design that would do this potion justice. Overall I learned to allocate my time wisely. Because of this, I am interested in excelling in expanding my ideas and creativity. This observation came to mind when I received feedback to my work. I think the most rewarding part about a project is receiving constructive criticism and learning how to better something for a future project. This project was not only fun, but it was also a learning experience for me, due to the feedback given to me by my teachers and classmates, and also because of my experiences throughout this project.


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