Drawing + Imaging: My Things

For the project titled ‘My Things’ , the instruction was that we would select 10 items, and find a way to represent which objects we cared more about and which objects we cared less about. My initial response was to represent the items I cared about in colour, and the items I didn’t care about in pencil. As I thought more about this project, this idea wasn’t enough for me; it was too simple for the viewer to guess which items belonged where. Eventually, the way I decided to depict this message was by creating a chest of drawers, sculpture, and photography.

My chest of drawers was created by using matchboxes for the open and close effect of the drawer, wood for the outside to enclose all of the matchboxes, and lastly string, to form a handle. Inside the drawers were my objects. The objects I cared about were hand sculpted out of putty, and coloured by mixing white putty with other colours. These objects being: my wallet, keys to my apartment, phone charger, shoes from my brother, lip ice and my phone. The objects I cared less about were photographed, pixelated, and then printed. These objects being: multivitamins, a jasmine tea bag, my new school ID and an old tube of toothpaste. One improvement I would consider is rethinking the placement of my objects, as I randomly positioned them. Perhaps some viewers thought the objects higher to the top were the objects I cared more about.

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