Drawing + Imaging: Colour Exercise

For this assignment, we had to create two designs based on two different themes. These themes were: dull and bright, and the other one was based on colour complements. These designs were done in Adobe Illustrator, each 7 inches tall by 5 inches wide. While we were working on this, we learnt how to create colour by using CMYK , but also learning to save them to the SWATCH palette so that they were accessible after out colour was made.

For the complimentary design, the task was to only use rectangular shapes. I focused on comparing how the complimentary colours work at different contrasts. For example, if you look at the design for complimentary colours, the top right square contains the colours red and green. Here, the green is bright, but the red is more dull. However, if you look further down, red and green appear again. But this time, the red is bright and the green is darker. I wanted to focus on changing the brightness and contrast of a colour, and how it affects complementary colours.

For the dull and bright, I wanted to work with an abstract design and pattern. I organised these in order, where the bright one is on the top, and the dull one is below it. The patterns are identical, and the colours are the same however, one is brighter and one is more dull. I chose to do this because it plays on the eye, and eventually the eye will be drawn to one of the patterns, even though they are similar. Hence, capturing the dullness and brightness of the piece.



Dull & Bright -2ckpziq

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