For this assignment, we had to select 3 objects from a museum. These 3 objects had to be  from the same functional category, for example kitchen utensils. However, all 3 of these object had to be from different cultures and times and they were required to be different shapes made of different materials. After this, we had to search for the modern day version of these objects, and find a way to connect the two. The objects I used were all found in the Met. These objects were:

  1. A spoon from Egypt, made of bone.
  2. A warming pan made out of brass and wood. Given as a gift from Mr. and Mrs. William A. Moore.
  3. An Italian fork from the 15th century. This fork was made out of iron, copper, gilt, silver and niello.

My idea was to create one object, but with both the old and the new in it. I found a way to merge the two so they looked like they were one. I also decided to work with complementary colours between the old and the new objects. Even though it is not entirely distinct, when looking closer, it is much more visible. This can be viewed in the attachment of the final piece, along with my process drawings for this piece.

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