Exploring Materials: Creating Mood Boards with Objects

Adjectives: alarming, simple, clean, friendly, understandable, resourceful. Additional comments: This mood board looks like a campaign for a company. I would add more products, without making it look messy because it already looks clean. Perhaps it could be on the packaging of this store. More red could be added next to the safety pin and hair clip.

Adjectives: Organised, scary, unfriendly, messy, clean, equal. Additional comments: This mood board is the most ironic to me. as organised and clean as it looks, it also looks messy and unfriendly. The objects are arranged in size, which is a recurring attribute in most of my mood board compositions. I would add more objects of the same colour, including those that look clean and messy. I would keep the background very plain, and only introduce different shades of silver, black and white.

Adjectives: cool, clinical, glossy, sharp, interesting, intriguing. Additional comments: Looks like it could be found from a dancer’s handbag, perhaps more blues could be added, some ribbon, snippets of a red curtain from a theatre, more hair pins, a silky background instead of white, maybe the objects bought from the receipt could be present in the visual.



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