Exploring Materials: Making Fabric Swatches

My idea for my first swatch (top left) was to create a rustic and unsettled mood, by using the wire, the contrasting red thread, and the rough pencil.

For the second swatch, I drew a typical Eucalyptus tree found in Zimbabwe, with the combination of the handmade paper it would produced.

For the third swatch, I research Zimbabwean patterns and combined these patterns with traditional African colours.

The fourth swatch was a close up of a face, undefiled.  This was to suggest that Africa was part of this project, as well.

The first swatch in the second row is the Zimbabwean flag, done with watercolour. This was important because there has been issues with out flag in the past, and a pastor created a movement against the meaning of the flag versus the state of the country. This movement was known as #thisflag.

The sixth swatch was again focusing on a face, and perhaps a common trend in my swatches. However, this one was a closer look.

The next swatch was a portrait of former President Robert Mugabe. This is highly significant because Zimbabwe only got its independence towards the end of last year, after nearly 4 decades of power. The people have still not recovered from the damage he has done.

The last swatch was relating to my second swatch. Although it is not as neat and organised, I wanted to emphasise the nature and purity of the beautiful country Zimbabwe is.


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