Fashion Styling – research & planning

We watched the documentary together, and concluded on the same opinion. Firstly, when the Alice in Wonderland shoot was being prepared, research was being done for months before. We appreciated this because although we don’t have the same time frame, we would like to research our locations, and our concept as much as possible before the due date. Secondly, when Carlyn Cerf De Dudzeele pairs a couture piece with denim jeans. This was significant to us because at that time, it was unheard of. Today, we see it all the time. This stood out because she managed to create a trend that we all use today. Lastly, we really loved the works of  Camilla Nickerson. More specifically, the shoot about how high heels can cause disability. No one realises the damage that high heels can to do one, yet she managed to make it look so beautiful. She had the power to make it stand out, while maintaining style.


For our garment, we decided to create a concept that meant more than just a “one time use” piece. Our garment can be worn anywhere, at all times. For example, studying in the library, a cover up at the gym, and even for brunch on a Sunday. We plan to create a fun, sophisticated yet mysterious energy. Our locations include: The Public Library, a cafe in the West Village, a craft room, and a yellow taxi. We plan to photograph our shoot in broad daylight so we can take advantage of the colours our garment is made of. The accessories that could be used are: a sun hat, sunglasses, reading glasses, a garment to match our piece (such as a skirt or denim jeans), a cigarette and a cappuccino. We’re looking for a small, and striking model, who will be prepared to pose how we choose. Just like mentioned in the documentary. These aspects support our concept because we are aiming for sophistication. We are trying to show her everyday look, and improvise any accessories we find at different locations, eg. books in the library, or a coffee at the cafe.


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