Bridge 4: Imbalanced Democracy

My chosen theme for this project was amplify. I decided to focus on the broad topic of poverty. More specifically, I wanted to focus more on the poverty towards the children in Zimbabwe, and how they dealt with this during over the years. If it was extremely obvious that poverty was getting worse, why did everyone turn away from it? Why did no one help these children? I believe that most, if not all of this has been caused by the government group, ZanuPF. A country with so much potential to be great is only regressing; and this started in the 80s. It is now 2018. Poverty in Zimbabwe is an issue that is only getting worse. More importantly, children are being hit the hardest. I created a piece to speak for these children, and to raise awareness for the life of children in Zimbabwe, who are experiencing extreme poverty. The main concept was to exchange a brand new item for the same item of theirs. In this case, I gave a brand new pair of shoes to a child on the condition that I received their worn out shoes in return. These interactions were filmed and photographed, and the reaction of the child is very significant. Perhaps these reactions portray the hopeless and unfortunate lives that these children live.

In this interview I included some snippets from interviews of Zimbabweans that have been published to back up the facts stated by my father. Interview with Dad -u7h9yv

Cathy is a woman who played a huge role in bringing me up. She explains how her and her family were forced to vote for mugabe, against her wishes, and therefore allowing the country to be corrupted more. Interview with Cathy-29txsab

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