Fashion Styling: Photoshoot

For this piece, we wanted to create a very retro, yet cool vibe. The main objective was for our garment to be worn at many different occasions. Fortunately, Brianna and I were able to plan our project in advance, and due to the extension of the project, we were able to change our photoshoot location. These photos were taken in Harare, Zimbabwe, on the side of a highway, minutes before the sun set. A problem that we encountered was that we were not completely able to achieve the “puffy shoulders” look how we wanted. To add to the retro look, after taking a while to think about a solution, we thought that adding pegs from a washing line would only enhance our garment. It was slightly tricky trying to capture the light at the right time, because we also wanted our garment to look as natural as possible. Below are some process photos, showing the change in natural light, the pegs, the hair accessories, and various poses by the model before the final pictures.


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