Planar: Body Extensions

During the Greek and Turkish war, all of the women were left at home with their children, while their husbands fought for their country. Unfortunately, many men took advantage of this, and raped, kidnapped, and even killed these women and children. This history means a lot to me because I am Greek, but also because still in 2018, Turkey and Greece are still “fighting”. I decided to construct this body extension as a performative means. I designed my body extension to be a shield that protected Greek women and their children. The mother would wear it like a cape, and when there was an attack, she would wrap it around herself and her children. This way they would not be seen, and the cape would act as a shield, but also as an invisible coat.

I made this body extension by using chipboard (the main component), metal, wire, thread and tape. Overall, this was a great experience in learning to work with all of these materials. One factor I was really proud of is how I was able to make such solid materials (chipboard and metal) able to move, and so delicately as well. In the beginning of this project, I asked Professor Puckett if I was able to use wire and material to make the cape. She encouraged me to challenge myself, and take it one step further. I surprised myself with my ability to make a solid material like a liquid almost.

Lastly, I think that I could have made the cape much longer, and perhaps added some colour. Also I think that I could have worked towards a more firm and secure cape. That way, it wouldn’t have been damaged on the fire escape! Overall my craftsmanship was good, and my body extension resembled a cape of some sort.



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