Space and Materiality: Final Monument

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This monument was inspired by this infamous African proverb. I feel that in today’s society, we are so consumed by our lives, and by materialistic items, that we completely forget how to be there for one another. Nowadays, people will only be good to each other if there is something superficial they can gain from it. I do not agree with this way of life, and I wanted to emphasise it in a unique and meaningful way. We are stronger when we work together. It might slow us down a little, but we will be able to go further.

Table mountain is situated in Cape Town. The most popular way to the top is via cable car. Although the native people visit, many tourists pass through this site. I chose this site because I feel that South Africa is a part of who I am. Although I grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe, I was always connected to our neighbouring countries, especially because South Africa was one of the most developed countries in Africa. I understand the battle of Apartheid, and that this pushed many races against each other. It is significant to me because I feel that I have lived through it. I know that I wish everything was different, and that we could all be a team rather than opponents.

My monument will be constructed out of Eucalyptus wood. It will be a giant ladder on the top of cable mountain, with the steps being interactive to the viewers. Each step will act like a book shelf as well. The books on each shelf will be books on religion, cultures, and beliefs. However, because the visitors of table mountain are from everywhere in the world, this will emphasise how we are all the same, and that nothing should be dividing us. A ladder is made in order to reach higher. As a society, and as a community, we are all able to reach higher if we work together.

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