Intro to Fashion Studies: What is fashion?

I believe that fashion can be a tool for many, many aspects. One of these aspects is the expressing of oneself. By using various subject positions, we are able to decide which way we would like to dress, based on what we believe in. For example, being a young, female, fashion student, who moved to New York City no more than a year and a half ago, the clothing I decide to wear is extremely different than what I choose to wear when I am back home in Zimbabwe, with not much to do but relax. Another one of these aspects, is routine. In Week 4’s reading of Why Women Wear What They Wear, by Sophie Woodward, we learn that it may be easier getting dressed in the morning for work, if the same style is worn everyday, and therefore, this contributes to what fashion is. Additionally, the way that one’s wardrobe is organised contributes to this too. If a piece of clothing isn’t easily accessible, then it is most likely not going to be worn on another casual day. It is much easier dressing yourself based on clothes you are comfortable and familiar with. Especially if you make a routine out of it. I agree with this because I find myself in the same position too. When getting ready everyday, I stick to what I know is most comfortable, and most easily accessible. However, in doing so, I am still using my style as a tool to express who I am. It all comes down to what our strongest beliefs are, and then this is translated into the way we choose to dress. If I believe strongly that I need to exercise, and that wearing gym clothes will motivate me to do so, then I will wear gym clothes most of the time. If I believe that wearing a handmade knitted sweater, given to me by my grandmother expressed my innocence, and love that I have for tradition and family, then I will wear more knitted sweaters. Therefore, fashion is a way of communicating. A way of allowing us to feel like we are the best version of ourselves. And allowing us to shape and form our identities to express who we are and what we believe in.

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