Integrative Studio II: Assignment 8: Developed Garment Prototypes Research Boards

  1. Photograph of Dress [Still in the Process]


List of problems I encountered whilst making the dress:

Whilst making this dress, some issues that I encountered were with finding the appropriate photographs of portraits of people. This was a difficult task due to the large number of diverse skin tones necessary.

Also, I was worried that the skin tones of each photo mixed together would create an unappealing color scheme, especially because the color printer that I used to print the photographs made them look as if they had orange or yellow-toned highlights (the colors ended up looking warmer-toned than they did on the computer screen).

Therefore, I tried to mix up the skin tones and colors in a well-distributed manner, using whiter/lighter skin tones next to the darker ones or the more warm-toned ones so that the colors all balance out and so that all the skin tones can blend in together equally.

In addition, another issue was that not all the cut-out patches of the photographs were of the same size, making it difficult for me to level all them in horizontal order in the dress.






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