Time Map


For this project, I went to two completely different places. There I choose the most prominent feature I saw at the moment and tried to come up with a creative way to capture it.

  For the one in Times Square, the lights and the movement of people were the obvious choice and seeing them move and trying to find any patterns was very interesting. At the moment I felt as if I was on the outside, it felt calm even though all I was observing was hectic and loud. I payed attention were people took photos, how the images changed on the screens and the way people crossed the street.

     The other piece, I was in Washington D.C for the weekend and I thought its architecture and overall feel would contrast perfectly with the busy Times Square. I went in with the same concept, I was going to observe the people. When I got there, I discovered that the way people  moved was not as interesting due to there being less people overall. I quickly came to the conclusion that the clouds were very interesting to admire. I began to draw them and saw that they changed quite rapidly, so I began drawing them in different colors every five minutes for the overall time of thirty minutes.

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