My first mind map started off as a brainstorm of many ideas and senses. I kept going off of ideas and thoughts of whatever came to mind. In the first one I tried to compare and contrast things that New York City and Mexico City had in common. After completing my first map, I had the idea to focus my project around color each city had. For Mexico, I saw pink and for New York, I saw blue.

In the final copy of my mind map I illustrated only the concept of color and what features in each city reminded me of the color I wanted to present.

Pink reminds me of home. It reminds me of being a little girl, of wearing the typical Mexican dresses, of weekends with family, and of my grandma. My grandma is always wearing pink because it makes her beautiful green-blue eyes pop. So the bright pink shade signifies a lot of important memories.

Blue, is for me one of my favorite colors. I see it as universal, it is everywhere. New York, with its tall skyscrapers, and blue seated subway car encompasses the color. For me, it represents a blank canvas of sort that I am getting to explore and make my mark on. It is the constant reflection of what is going in the sky, and bellow.

Both colors are happy. Neither to me conveys emptiness or fear. Both make me feel comfortable and at home in their own way.

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