New York through 2 lenses

The first 3 images are my New Yorker view, the last 3 are an outsider.

New Yorker

I have been a New Yorker for about three to four months. Every day the city surprises me. I see the things I once associated with being New York become the background and the small things take over my senses. Viewing the city from the outside as a new New Yorker I see the small details. The parties happening on the boats, the people sailing as  weekend entertainment, I pay attention to the windows and keep in mind that in every window is the story of a fellow New Yorker. As a citizen, I know that I am a part of the system. I know that me being here on this boat, for a class, in my dream school, I know I am contributing to what for me is New York City.  I look around and I see familiar faces all around, an experience that only a New Yorker can have.


Being a tourist, it is hard to not be taken away by the marvelous architecture and the iconic landscape. The Empire State, The Statue of Liberty and The World Trade Center embody New York. They make you feel that for your time here, you are a New Yorker and anything could happen. You feel part of something bigger and you wonder what its like to see this as a part of your everyday life. To walk past the Empire State Building and sometimes not even notice is there.As a tourist you tend to focus on the big instead of the small. You see New York as one place rather than 5 boroughs and different neighborhoods. New York seems like a Disneyland of some kind because it is a constant adventure.

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