Max Nehaus Times Square

                                               Max Neuhaus

I remember walking from side to side, top to bottom of the small island in Times Square. I looked for a sign, some sort of an indicator of an art piece. I found nothing. Me and my partner kept looking around hoping we would find some guideance. It was not until we googled an image of the installation and we found a picture of grates.

It was then when we went around and tried to see if we could notice something special in the grates. We payed closed attention and constantly avoided the creepy Mickey Mouse. Then Sebastian told me to listen to it and we heard a faint humming noise and quietly realized that that was the installation.

   Personally I thought this installation was so special. It is subtle which makes it powerful. You can only notice it if you look for it. I wondered if the people that worked on and around the grates knew about the installation. In the duration I was there no one even seemed to notice it. People took pictures on it, walked past it, had conversation on it, but the noises blended in with the subway.

  After experiencing this exhibit I cant help but to think about the countless times I have walked past in unknowing what it was. It is a hidden secret in the busiest place in the city. I think that the idea is clever and it fascinates me knowing that if it had a sign of some sort it would be popular touring destination but because it doesn’t, it is not one. I think that after noticing I am going to tell everyone I know about it just because the idea of an art installation in Times Square that is invisible is so shocking and intriguing.

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