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                                            Times Square Podcast

After visiting the piece in Times Square, my partner and I decided to do the podcast about Times Square on the Detour app because we were already there. We walked to the start point of the tour and began listening.  The podcast was narrated by Joel Grey, , it was not only about his life but about the Broadway theatre district as a whole.

We started walking around to every theater in close proximity, in each one we should stop and listen to a fascinating story. Personally, I am the biggest Broadway fan, ever sense I was little theatre was huge part of my life so I was very interested in all of the stories.  He spoke about the hits he had performed on Broadway, many which are some of my favorites so it was insightful and fun.

    Not only was it focused on the theaters but also the iconic places around us. From the scandalous life of 7th avenue, to the meaning of the statues in Times Square. It was so interesting that although this podcast was only a few years old, some of the thing being pointed out were no longer there. It felt like the area was loosing a part of itself, the scandalous non-commercial aspect of it, but it is gaining a different layer as well.

        Joel Grey’s story was a perfect fit for this podcast. He knew how to make every corner of the area interesting and full of life. I have walked past the area after this tour and honestly I am unable to see it the same way. The history now overpowers how I see it.

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