Life Cycle Map

My favorite innovation is planting a tree for everyone that is cut down. I feel this idea is more realistic than a tree for each pencil which was also one of my suggestions. By planting a tree for every tree that is cut, it helps the environment and the ecosystem in that area. Also, the more trees there are the cleaner the air is, so it will also help with the pollution caused by factories. This idea will cost more money to the companies, but it is a small expense in comparison to the damage that they are doing. Although pencils are something that is a part of everyday life, companies that make them should try to make them as clean and sustainable as possible.


This article cost about 16 cents a piece on average. That is how much the consumer pays for it. That price is very low in comparison to how much money it takes to produce a pencil. In order to make a pencil, each component has to be made or found and brought to the factory. For that, you need employees, equipment, transportation which requires gasoline and that also has to be transported and that is just the first part. At the pencil factories there are also employees, for which you need to have safe conditions for, machines, which need to be maintained, and transportation out of the factory. The cost of production plus the sum of the externalities surpases the price of 16 cents per pencil.

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