Color and Divergence Research

Our project is a combination of four stories of what red is to each of us. It is a story or several memories that extend from the color red. We have had many ideas but we decided to settle on the color red because we all had a tie to it. I chose Miro as my inspiration for my piece one because he is also from Spain, he said his paintings are playful but violent and so is the color red. In some of his most famous paintings he has a red sun. I looked in to why the Spanish flag has red, it represents the beyond. It is a symbol for the discovery of new land. That really stuck with me because that new land is where I was born and to me red, without knowing this information was already a color that I associated with Spain. I also read about Mexican cochineal which was a dye imported from the Americas’s to Europe. It was very rich red hue which was in high demand. I find it intresting that this dye came from Mexico to Spain. The more I read the deeper ties I find between both countries and the color red. I read about another artisit, Anish Kappoor and how he used the color red. Instead of relating it to a personal story, he used it to work with universal cultures. Red is one of the few colors that allows for that because of its many meanings.

My text for my audio pieces:

Red the warm Valencian sun a paella next to the beach and a pitcher of fruity and refreshing sangria Red my Yaya and the culture she allows me to have Red the fight of my family to get to Mexico Red shrimp and their pink hue and peppers on the yellow rice Red scarf around my neck during las Fallas Red a twist on my last name Red my mom’s favorite colorRed my dad’s obsession with superman Red the 3 flags in my life united by a color red strong powerful feminine Red warmth and security red flowers on my front lawn Red my Latin heritage red Spain red Mexico red United States


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