Bridge 4 project and proposal


shots and sound


For part of my research I found a book called ” Las Hojas Muertas: El diario de Jose Manaut Vigellti” which are the personal diaries of my great uncle. These are full of poems that I want to incoorporate in to certain parts of my video. Both of the brothers wrote published books about art so I want to make sure that the portion that I speak has a mix of their style and mine.

As well I found a lot of pictures and old letters. I found a letter from the french consulate letting my great grandfather know that he could go live in Mexico. I have many pictures of all of their art and of my grandmas house. I found old passports and even the online record of when my great grandma and her daughters left Spain and arrived in Mexico.

These pictures include books written by or written about my great uncle. Examples of paintings from my grandmas house, passports, letters and family pictures. There is much more but I am trying to be selective on what I use.

For my rough draft what I have is the audio of my grandma telling the story. I want to use her voice because I feel that because she is the only one left of that original immigrant family, she should be the one that tells it. This is the audio it is in Spanish but in my proposal I will include the full story in English for you to read.

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