time project- A afternoon in NYC from a kids perspective

For my video, at first I chose to title it ” A day in the life of a kid in New York” but then looking back I think calling it an afternoon would be more fitting. After notes in class I chose to go back and re edit some parts. I slowed down and added extra footage of the feet given the feedback that I received. I wanted to capture how it felt walking the streets when not only buildings but people tower over you in a city as intimidating as NYC. For the end I chose to do a rewind of the beginning to emphasize the routine that a kid feels even in a city as entertaining as New York. Before editing I had footage of the morning, breakfast and everything prior to leaving the house but I chose to leave it out because I felt it looked weird. I loved the idea of having added the part about the pillow and expanding on the video that I already have.

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