Final Studio Documentary

My final documentary was meant to be very personal but still related to someone with a strong connection to their family history. I am happy with the outcome. I spent a lot of time perfecting the visuals because I wanted to help the story flow well. I included my part first because I wanted the audience to understand the backstory in order to get to my own but I also understand as the critics mentioned that putting it first would have helped the audience form a connection to me. I feel with more critiques and time I could’ve produced something better and cut out the repetivness of it.

It was important to me to include family art in the animation and even the water from the background of most pictures is taken from a painting. I wanted to morph our art together to create something special to me. To me the story I told was very personal and a story I hold close to my heart.

Overall, I feel the outcome was well made and felt personal and artistic.

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