Studio Group Work and Independent Research

For my personal research, I decided on either using aluminum cans or food wrappers to weave them together to create a piece of jewelry. I want to base my design on Spanish or Mexican culture but to make it relevant to todays society. I attached a couple of pieces from culture that I will draw inspiration from as well as examples of the weaving I plan to achieve. To me jewelry is for personal expression and also to be a reminder of moments throughout your life. One idea is to re create a version of the outfit worn by Mexican women during the revolution. I could recreate the sash made out of plastic like the bags shown in the gallery. Also I am including some sketches of various ideas I have thought of.


For my in class group work, my group and I had an in depth discussion on the differences and similarities of adornment and jewelry. We agreed that adornment has ties to culture and religious aspects whereas jewelry has a tendency to be less meaningful like cheap fashion jewelry.

We decided to make a combination of both, we incorporated a popular fashion trend of body chains and added a butterfly in the back which had words written that symbolized each of our cultures. We wanted to accomplish a mix of both.



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Leyendas que surgieron durante la Revolución Mexicana

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