Bruce Nauman PS1 Reflection

The body is repeated

The body is repeated in the first exhibit of Disapearing Acts. His body is split in half and later in smaller pieces all walking forwards and backwards at different times. This is made with video editing and projectors on the ceilings to show on the walls.

The body interacts with other materials

The cage in the museum is interactive. I went in and it felt as if the passage ways where getting small when in reality the stayed the same constant size. I thought it was really interesting because I don’t consider myself claustrophobic, but being there made me really anxious. This is made by putting a smaller cage inside a bigger one and allowing people to squeeze between both.

Fear is an element:

In “Get out of this room, or get out of my mind”, the creepy and uncomfortable whispering made me want to leave as soon as I entered the room.  The piece is made by adding a speaker to the room with prerecorded audio and dimming the lights for ambiance.

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