My first garment came from my closet. A shirt I bought when I had lost all my clothes in a fire. It was bought in a hurry, as an urge to replace things that I had loved. I’m not sure if I even liked the way it fit. For months, I would avoid it when I chose what to wear, It was a daily remainder of all the things I lost. When it came time to chose what piece would be sacrificed, it was that one that had to go. It was in a way ceremonial, I chose to get rid of it to make something new in a new chapter in my life.

My second garment was a long black dress. Plain, outdated, not my style. The fabric although was extensive and girly. I really like classic and feminine, so it seemed a good fit. My original shirt was flowy and summery, I wanted to transform its purpose. By remaking it out of this fabric, it would transform to an elegant piece.

By far, the most challenging part of this project was figuring out how to sew the sleeves. I had to reverse engineer the steps of creating the sleeves. I would say this is also the most time consuming as I put it together and take it apart at least three times. I learned a lot from making this piece.

Since the beginning of the project, I was determined to make a wearable shirt. I wanted it to be as finished as possible. My favorite part was the moment when I put the button in the back and was ready to try it on. This is one of the first pieces I have made in years so I was happy. I felt proud of the outcome.

I learned that I was better at sewing than I previously thought. I was focused in the process of making it and I was happy to learn about how to make flowy, big, sleeves.

Personally, I do not know if this has affected the way I design. I made this straight foward from the pattern. I had understood that part of the assignment was to make as few design choices. Therefore, I wanted to re create the shirt at the best of my abilities.



I began by making my patterns and then cutting out my fabric. When cutting, I struggled with cutting the fabric right side up and messed up a couple of times when making the sleeve patterns. After, I first made the body, It was pretty easy and simple. I just put it together with both prints facing each other. Then I moved on to the sleeves, I had to make the sleeves (sew the three parts together to create one). When I had both of them made, I needed to figure out how to do the pleading. I first tried to do it as I was sewing the shirt but I soon realized that that created pleads in the shirt too. I took it apart and did the pleads sepperatly on the sleeves. Then I put that together on the shirt but sewed the sleeve part backwards so the shoulder was in the arm pit. I had to take both of the sleeves off and finally placed them together the right way. The last thing I did was putting the button in the back and adding a loop for the button.

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