Inspired By Monet

My artist of choice to create my 3-piece ensemble is Monet.  Monet was the leader of the french impressionist  movement. He like abstraction, color and painting the same place at different times. I have always been drawn to his work, the pastel colors, the flowers and the overall flow give them a sense of tranquility. This is mostly inspired by the paintings of waterlilies which is from his last series of paintings. Impressionism style of painting has always been my favorite, I grew up surrounded by impressionist paintings so they remind me of home.  Monet’s painting have movement but also a sense of stillness. I wanted to make an ensemble that captured both. I chose to stick to a pastel palette to honor his colors of choice. I wanted the shirt over the dress to be made from a very stiff pastel pink fabric so it would mantain a structured over a rather flowy dress. The dress will be a pale yellow silk fabric that will extend to the floor. The bottom will be painted with water strokes that will resemble Monet’s art work and will have fabric flowers attached. The head piece has flowers trickling down that have been inspired not only from his waterlilies but from various paintings.



This is my progress and process pictures, sketches, fabric, patterns and 1:1 scale model made out of muslin worn on me.



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