FIT museum

My first piece is a Yellow Dior dress. It is a yellow silk satin evening dress with a flower motif. The shiny silk was beautiful to look at and the dress fell right above the knee. It was made in 1962 and it represents the style from that era in a stunning way. This form was so popular because it was feminine yet short. The velvet bow sintching the waist makes the form of t

he dress be very feminine.

My second piece is a bright green Oscar de la Renta dress. This dress from 1999 is made from green silk faille and has a train and underskirt. The color was what caught my attention at first. I admire designer who can make a simple silouhette with no print look so stunning. It’s simplicity and playful color made it stand out from the dresses around it.

Both dresses share a bright color. One like green, the other yellow. I was drawn to both for the color. Also, they both have a very simple figure and come in at the waist. The Oscar de la Renta dress is long where as the Dior is short. Also, they are from two different time periods but have resemblence. They both look very feminine and classic.

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