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For my final project, I wanted to show how hard it is for me to walk when my foots gets stuck all the time. It’s soemthing I’ll always have to deal with and it’s hard to understand for other people. It shows how I can push through bumps in the road and make it to the end, in this instance the end of the year. Although it broke down while walking I think the irony just shows it’s point even more. I placed nails on the front wheel so it would prevent it from moving foward not Lawson’s you to take a full step. I based the design Im of the shoe based of off orthopedic shoes because that is the solution I always got told but they are always so ugly and clunky. So I wanted to show how even with a ugly shoe it’s still hard to walk.  LP doesn’t let me post a video it’s too large.

Update: I got new screws and placed them instead of the old ones

Link to video

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