Selfies – July 2018

Typical Selfie 










Artistic Selfie 

Materials: A dowel, suede string, photo paper, wire, and hot glue.


 a) Inspiration/brainstorming

The trend of taking selfies became popular with the arrival of smartphones. When I was thinking about this assignment, I thought of what it meant for me a selfie, and I got into the conclusion that is a fast visual portrait taken/made by ourselves of us. With that in mind, I thought of how I could take a selfie of myself that represented who I am and was not only an image of my physical appearance. I began the process by looking for some inspiration art. Some of my inspirations for this piece were:


 The following sculpture by the artist Justine Khamara:

I found fascinating how he cut the image of the person photographed in little pieces, but that we could still see a picture.


Lucas Simoes piece:

The usage of different images of the same person with different expressions in the same piece made me think of the varied ways of thinking and reacting we all have.

And the Installation Video Performance “Conception” by Pascal Gaudefroy:

Similar to Justine Khamara’s piece, the separation on the face of the individual on the video seemed intriguing to me.

b) Making

  • I decided to make my piece out of the “normal selfie” I already had.
  • I printed five times the selfie that was presented above, and with these, in my hands, I began to experiment on the different ways I could express who I am more of an internal side.
  • Instinctively, I cut some parts of my face such as my eye, and my nose. I also pinched what I considered imperfections in my face such as my pimples. Afterward, I experimented with the paper by ripping it off.

I wanted to portray in my selfie that there is more in us than our face to who we are, and in my case, a big part of this is taken by my thoughts, which I represented by the use of the wires at the top and bottom of my sculpture.


Process photos: 





Final piece: 

I am an international student from Venezuela that desires to communicate with the world around me visually. I hope that I can become a part of the global conversation where I can tell stories that are untold. With a background in business and languages, I have experienced how different fields will always connect at some points, and I aspire to reinforce that connection in my work. I believe that there is not one pure aesthetic, and therefore I have chosen to collaborate and learn from those around me to every day grow as an artist.

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