Curiosity In The Park

I was in a space that was not only mine but of many. We were all in our minds, but together. This shared place became a sensation for me when I started feeling the sounds and the smells around me.

I heard the sound of a “maraca.” A maraca is an instrument that has small seeds inside and creates sound by shaking it with one hand.

Sitting by himself on a bench was a middle-aged man. He was the creator of this sound that intrigued me. He had a cellphone of his left hand and the maraca on the right.

I was immediately curious. I asked myself: What is this man doing? Is he practicing a song? Is he doing it to have fun and express himself? Or is it part of an illegal transaction in which he is giving signs to someone else for a barter.

I left without an answer to my questions. My curiosity remained.

I am an international student from Venezuela that desires to communicate with the world around me visually. I hope that I can become a part of the global conversation where I can tell stories that are untold. With a background in business and languages, I have experienced how different fields will always connect at some points, and I aspire to reinforce that connection in my work. I believe that there is not one pure aesthetic, and therefore I have chosen to collaborate and learn from those around me to every day grow as an artist.

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