Bridge 1 – Reflection PPJ – July 19

1. How did you choose the images that you visualized?

To choose which images I was going to visualize, I first chose which of my observations from my walk in Union Square were the most interesting. I decided I was going to be inspired by:
For Image 1: A man that was playing an instrument similar to “a maraca”incessantly while having a phone on his ear.
For Image 2: A man that was riding a bike with his dog in his lap.
For Image 3: That most people were using their phone in the park.
For Image 4: A woman that was wearing an umbrella under the sun.
For Image 5: The sound of something that seemed to be a trash can.
To convert these observations into visualizations, I asked a variety of questions for each image. In every case, I stopped asking questions when I thought I found a compelling picture that I could make in the time given.

2. How did you choose the medium you selected for each piece?

The process of choosing the medium I was going to use was different for each image.
Image 1: To record the feeling of intruding to my neighbors’ windows, I thought of taking a photo of what I could see, or drawing it. Nevertheless, after giving it, some thought I decided to make a video that would show different windows and streets that I could see from my apartment. To record the video, I used my camera Sony A7 with a lens of Zeiss 85 mm sustained on a tripod since it was at night and I wanted the image to be sharp.
Image 2: First, I wanted to make a short animation, in which we could observe a transformation. However, it seemed like it would take longer than the time we had to make this assignment. As a consequence, I thought of different ways of portraying my message. I thought I could make a video, and layer someone doing different actions, and show some transformation. Although that idea could work, I was not convinced. I thought of drawing instead.
Image 3: I thought I could take a photo of the park and draw on top of it the different colors of auras to show how they interacted. Then, since auras are not something particularly accurate, I thought that it would be better if I expressed what I felt were those colors in an abstract drawing. I decided to use watercolor as my medium since that way the color mixes easily with each other.
Image 4: To make this piece, I thought of making a video of water which gives me peace, and relaxation. However, when I went to record the video, I found that photography could also be a great medium to show this. Walking around in the city, I saw a park with a fountain and decided to take photos of that source of water. While I was doing that, a little girl of around seven years old passed in front of me and started playing with the water. At that moment, I thought that she was giving me peace because she was living her childhood happily or at least enjoying that moment.
Image 5: With my question ready, I thought in which ways I could create this image. I first came up with a picture in my mind of someone lying on the floor in the middle of a big space. I asked my boyfriend if he could help me by modeling in the photo, and he accepted. We went to a  basketball field where I wanted to take the picture, but people were playing inside. Therefore, I tried taking photos of him in the playground next to it. I was not satisfied with that photo. I felt it did not adequately portray the feeling of solitude that I wanted to convey. Even though I thought this image represented the feeling I wanted to express, I tried to make something more minimalist, and less obvious. After some time taking photos, I finally took the one that satisfied me, and then I edited it in Lightroom.

3. How did you choose how to present the work?
I chose to present my way digitally. I decided this because I thought it would be the most effective way to show all of my pieces on the same screen since I had videos too, which would be displayed on the screen anyways. Also, I choose to present my work as separate images that I emailed myself and not through my Learning Portfolio because I wanted my audience to focus on the pictures and not on the post.

4. How did you choose to connect/ or not connect the pieces to each other?
All of my pieces were separate from each other. I did this because in my first stage they were all results of different observations in the park, and I wanted to be consistent and show that they are all a result of a different observation.

5. How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about presenting your writing – note keeping?
I had no problem sharing my note keeping for this project. I am used to explaining my work and the process that took me to my outcome in front of a class. I also felt it was interesting to listen to the different ways in which the rest of the class came with their visualizations.

6. How did you feel (felt sense & emotional narrative) about showing your work?
As with the previous question, it seemed and felt natural for me to show my work to the class. In fact, I was excited to listen to what the students got from my pieces.

7. How did it feel to have the DAI happen with you present?
I appreciate that the class described, analyzed, and interpreted one of my visualizations. While they were doing the DAI, I listened to everything they said and found the comments to be interesting. When they were describing my work, I felt that they noticed the same formal decisions (such as the colors, lines, and shapes) that I made. In the interpret section, most individuals in the audience created their own story with my piece, which I thought was fantastic.

8. How did you choose your questions for the audience/ viewers?
After I presented, I did not have any questions for my audience. Nevertheless, now looking back I wish I have asked them why they chose to present my Image No. 2 (Metamorphosis) over the other. The only reason I would ask that is for pure curiosity.

9. What changes would you make to the work if you have to do another iteration?
For Image No. 1, I would probably make the video longer to show more spaces the cinematographer or “I” would be spying. For Image No. 2 I would perhaps print it, and put it as a page of an actual physical book. For Image No. 3 I would try a different approach to the auras idea, maybe creating a voice recording of people with different auras interacting with each other. For Image No. 4 I would like to try to make the video that I first had in mind of the spaces that give me peace with their corresponding voice recordings or maybe I could mix them at some point in the piece. Lastly, for Image No. 5 I will be interested in making a performance or interactive installation based on the idea of solitude.
Even though I have other ideas on how to improve each one of my images, I feel satisfied with what I created considering the short time we were given for this assignment.

10. If there was something that you could have shared with your viewers to bring additional context or understanding, what would it be?
I feel I gave my viewers enough information about myself and of the pieces for them to understand and enjoy my pieces. There is nothing I can think of that I would add to that.

I am an international student from Venezuela that desires to communicate with the world around me visually. I hope that I can become a part of the global conversation where I can tell stories that are untold. With a background in business and languages, I have experienced how different fields will always connect at some points, and I aspire to reinforce that connection in my work. I believe that there is not one pure aesthetic, and therefore I have chosen to collaborate and learn from those around me to every day grow as an artist.

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