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Week 9 – Project Proposal

I want to create a bunch of fashion illustrations of pieces throughout Tina Chow’s collection, as well as my own creation of portraits of her. I want to create a concept through the use of water color, maybe using lots of blues/purples/grays in the end that could symbolically represent the end of Tina Chow’s life, and even use a bit of red standing for the cause of her death; aids.

I want to create multiple drawings, turned water color painting, not too big but not too small, probably a bit bigger than 8×11. I want to create maybe about 5-6 pieces. This will explore my thesis question because I will be able to study pieces within her collection, year, the designer, all sorts of information.

I already have water colors, 3 different pallets. I have my papers, I have all my materials already. I have the books I will be studying and drawing out of as well. As well as another book that can reference more pieces from the designers, that Tina Chow collected from.

From April 20th-end of April, approximately a little less than 2 weeks, I will create 3-4 pieces. From the beginning of May-8th, I will be working on looks 4-6.

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