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Field Trip 1

Hearst Tower
heart tower exterior

The glass used for this building is mostly made of recycled materials. The outside of diagonal steel structure, allowed the building to be built with less steel. Also, the use of a lot of glass on the outside, allows more natural light to be used, which is what makes the building even more energy efficient. The roof of the building collects rain water, which reduces the amount of rainwater going into New York City’s sewer system.

Hearst Tower

The glass used for this structure, are all made of recycled glass. This glass and steel structure allows for humidification and cools the inside of the building. The water is constantly being reused.

heart tower interior

The walls were painted using a low VOC paint. The floor and ceiling are made with recycled materials as well. The building was renovated, however one of the original structure can be seen in the center of the building. Also, the the building is LEED-certified in Gold.

The interior of the building has a very open space, which allows for the cooling system to be a lot more efficient. Also, the use of minimal materials and especially because they are mostly of recycled materials, allows for the cost to be much more efficient. The building seems to be made of mostly concrete, glass, and steel. The fact that this building is made of recycled material, yet beautifully made is amazing. The openness of the interior, makes the building feel much more welcoming, and the high ride ceilings make the building feel a bit overwhelming, but in a positive way.

Museum of Art and Design
Museum of art and design

The building was originally full concrete, and now it has been redesigned. The redesigned building has a three structural cut through the original concrete shell. Each structural cut has a continuous line that creates a much more light-filled structure. There are about 22,000 tiles, which are finished with a iridescent glaze. The iridescent glaze changes throughout the day, depending on the time and point of view. The building seems to be built beautifully, with a lot of unison horizontal panels, and there are glass panels at the bottom.

Museum of ARt and Design 2

The stair case is mostly composed of steel and wood. The steps are made of wood, and supported by steel structures and linings. There is an interesting detail of steel rods being brought down from the top to the bottom, possibly for design or even a safety feature. There is a lot of natural lighting in the room, but also regular lighting.

Museum of Art and Design 3

These are details of the steel rods. They seem to be starting from all the way from the top, to all the way to the bottom.

David Rubenstein Atrium
David Rubenstein Atrium 1

The inside of the David Rubenstein Atrium, focuses on colors, lights, textures, and materials. There seems to be a lot of use of natural materials, such as plants against the wall, or large pieces of wood panels all throughout the wall. There are interesting seatings, such as the large, almost dark jade colored one. The edges are curved, so that it could be more safe. However, the atrium features a lot of art installations, a large media wall, and a lot of beautiful marble benches. There is also the use of streaming water drops from the ceiling to the stone basin.

Lincoln Center

Alice Tully Hall
Alice Tully Hall 1

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