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100 Drawings (complete)

In my 100 drawings, I gravitated towards themes of surrealism, musicality and nature. When I began drawing my first frames, I was not thinking of following these themes. I just started drawing. I really enjoyed the process of looking back and identifying various themes and aesthetic style.


I saw themes of surrealism in my sets of animation type collections from the first 40 pages I drew. I took one scene in my mind and tried to depict the way time felt in that moment. Many of them began to stretch out into lots of similar frames with small modulating details.


In my themes of musicality, I tried depicting small objects and instruments that touch the core of my memory. Drum machines, trombones and written music all occupy a special place in my memory and shape the way I digest the world. Similarly, the more surreal experiences of long night drives are central to my memory and help me relate to the rest of my life’s experience. Nature is a theme present in almost all of these drawings in varied forms.


The nature of my environment shapes all of the activities that define me. Many of my drawings include skateboarders interacting with various environments or places I would have never seen without skateboarding. These themes are tied together through my love for adventure and spontaneity. With my spirit of adventure, I’ve traveled a lot of time driving at night, usually providing me with long twisted moments that seem to stretch out forever. My sense of adventure has pushed me to explore my life musically. I experience the nature of my environment through the spontaneity of skateboarding and its unpredictability.

My three groups of images were made from the things I engage most with in my everyday life. Skateboarding, music and human faces. Everyday I skate to school and I pass through a myriad of environments. These drawings center around the solitary experience of skateboarding. Some are of individual pieces, like a spinning wheel. Others center on the expanding environments that I skate through. All of these collections I chose with my two friends. I couldn’t decide what to include in these groups and they help me get started. I didn’t think I could have made such defined groups from such a seemingly stream of consciousness style assignment. The music sketches were all related to my experience in trying to use music as a tool and to create an emotional response. The first sketch I chose was my cassette tape drawing. I like the theme of musical objects. All of the drawings are visual depictions of sound, from physical instruments to written music. The last group was human faces. I felt that it was important to include the two human faces that helped me curate my drawings. My favorite sketch of the group was the last of my 100 drawings. I titled it “All The Faces I Thought I Knew”


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