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For our final project in Drawing and Imaging, we created a book that revolved around a theme that has followed us throughout our life. I chose to follow the theme of motion.

I have spent a lot of my life on wheels. Skateboarding is the motion that glues a lot of my life experiences together. Motion manifests itself in my music life as well. The motion of intention and air passing from my body into an instrument is one of the biggest driving forces in my creative life.

A lot of my feelings on motion are shaped by the city I live in and the people I live with. Oakland has shaped my life in profound ways. I knew I wanted to work on manipulating the city symbol and my neighborhood map.

The first parts of the book were made in pieces through re-creating my photographs of my friends in Illustrator. This is a technique I began working on in the previous project and here I try to deepen my knowledge for the pen tool.


Another technique I used was auto vectorizing my images. Once I vectorized and expanded the images, I changed their color and fill to work thematically with the rest of the piece.

I wanted some vector lines to follow through the entire book to give the piece a more singular linear feeling.

On the page with the trombone player’s silhouette, I manipulated a piece of music that I transcribed last year to bend around his lines.

Most elements of this project were digital for me, but the bright watercolor circle in the middle of the book and the line work at the end were both done on paper and scanned into Illustrator

The final book was folded as an accordion with chipboard covers. I covered the chipboard in blue construction paper and used confetti paper on the inside of the covers.




This assignment pushed me to think about how to make my individual ideas in photoshop and illustrator tie into a larger narrative and speak as a singular text. I also am not used to printing out my digital creations and it was rewarding to hold on to a physical creation that I made.

Additionally, this assignment has pushed me to work more often in Illustrator. I found that I really enjoy thinking of color harmonies and making new palettes for future work.

These are some of the pieces that I created for the book that didn’t fit aesthetically, but I was happy with regardless.


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