New Monument Souvenirs

Money clip:

Our first souvenir is a money clip. Tagged with a quote,” Do you feel Secure,” we are referring to the insecurity that often comes with the stock market due to unpredictable fluctuations. The clip is a small, yet very significant souvenir that questions the users with a message. Our purpose for this product is for consumers to be able to keep their money safe due to their distrust in a stable economy. Thus, when binding their bills with this clip, they are answering the imminent question on the money clip.


Security blanket:

For our second souvenir, we chose a blanket to continue asking the question, “Do you feel secure”? In our contemporary society, we associate blankets as things we reach for when we are in need of comfort and stability. Playing on this idea of a safety/ security blanket, we are bringing humor to the topic on the fragility of powerhouse economics. The back has our rebrand logo signifying power greed and tourism, critiquing America’s problem with capitalism.

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