Drawing and Imaging: MOMA Paintings-Perspective


Henri Matisse

“Dance” 1909

Oil on Canvas

Very flat, cool background with warm figures in foreground. Very little detail through shading and figures are abstracted. Shallow space.


Henri Matisse

“Music (sketch)” 1907

Oil and charcoal on canvas

Fairly shallow space, but you get a sense of a little depth because of the green horizon line in the background and the smaller scale of figures in the background. Warm figures in foreground on cool background.


Max Ernst

“Napoleon in the Wilderness” 1941

Oil on Canvas

Deep space, warm figures in foreground on cool background. Foreground is much bolder and more saturate than the background which is cooler and softer. Space looks much deeper because of horizon line.


Dorothea Tanning

“On time off  time” 1948

Oil on canvas

Sense of perspective and space is convoluted because there are multiple spaces within the painting. Space seeps fairly shallow because the horizon line is farther up on the canvas, but the window looks into a different space that feels much deeper-it’s also the only cool area on the canvas.


Giorgio de Chirico

“The Evil Genius of a King” 1914-15

Oil on canvas

Very dramatic perspective with bold warm colors in foreground.


Georgio de Chirico

“The Anxious Journey” 1913

Oil on Canvas


Giorgio de Chirico

“The Serenity of the Scholar” 1914

Oil and charcoal on canvas


Richard Lindner

“Checkmate” 1966

Cut-and-pasted papers, watercolor, pencil, crayon, and ink on paper


Faith Ringgold

“American People Series #20: Die” 1967

Oil on canvas, two panels


Stuart Davis

“Egg Beater, V” 1930

Oil on canvas

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