Field Notes: Kombucha Leather

Field Notes:

Week 1: Tuesday March 7th, 2016

Sjournee, and I made the tea for the Kombucha and I transferred the SCOBY into the plastic container. We decided not to add apple cider vinegar.


Week 2: Wednesday March 15th 2017

The container is living in my dorm, so I can observe it full time and have noticed more growth than I was expecting in one week. This week the weather got colder so we had the heat up more which I think made the leather grow a bit faster. The SCOBY has grown to cover the entire surface of the container and is ~2/8″ thick in most places, with lots of bubbles varying in size. The leather has started to develop mold in 6 spots that I can see, four of them approximately 3/4″ in diameter (circular spots), and the other two are slightly less than 3/8″. The black tea is a bit more cloudy, and you can see tendrils of the SCOBY floating down from the surface to the bottom of the container. There are LOTS of bubbles covering the entire surface varying greatly in size from 1/8″- ~3″ in diameter at the largest. The bubble forming which is ~3″ in diameter is on the side that I have a light pointing at (for warmth), so I wonder if this is causing the bubble to grow larger than the rest; I flipped the container around so that the other side is facing the light in case this is creating uneven growth in the leather. There is also condensation developing on the inside of the the container. From the current growth, I’m guessing that the leather will grow to be approximately 1/4″ thick over the break, but I will be here during the break, so I can continue to monitor and check in on it daily.

Week 2 Photos:

(Close-up front view of kombucha leather top)

(Top front view of kombucha leather)

(Front view close-up of mold developing on kombucha leather top)

(Right side view of kombucha leather)

(Front view of kombucha leather)

(Bottom front view of kombucha leather)

(Front view of kombucha leather)

(Back view of kombucha leather)



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